About me

I am Bas Moerland. A creative in media, specializing in motion graphic design.

By finding creative and strong ways to support an idea and narrative, my work aims to elevate the complete product to a new level. Armed with a lot of practical experience in editing, camera operation, sound design, direction, photography and music composition, I know first-hand how every aspect of a visual narrative can be used to elevate and steer the message that is being told.

My portfolio contains commercial work for agencies like Cape Rock, HollandCentraal, RTL Concepts, Endemol Design, Compact Video, Frequin, KesselsKramer and Omroep Brabant. There I worked on projects for very diverse clients like Samsung, SBS Belgium, RTL, EndemolShine, KRO-NCRV, 24Kitchen, RAI, Delta, LambWeston Meyer, Holland Casino, Royal FloraHolland, Bugaboo, Praxis, Videoland, de Bijenkorf and De Postcode Loterij.

Besides commercial work I am also often involved in passion projects like short films and 48-hour film projects. If you have a great story or idea you want my help for, I would love to collaborate with you!

When I’m not pushing pixels around, I like to relax with a movie or series. That or I’m making, listening and discovering music. From a young age I have been singing, playing the guitar and playing with all kinds of synthesizers. In 2019 I completed the Electronic Music Advanced course at the SAE institute to bring my production skills to a higher level. On my youtube page you can find me doing covers on my guitar/bass/keyboard.



Bas Moerland