Shortcutz 6th Annual Awards

In 2018 I was asked to create a trailer, a visual package, and category idents and for the 6th Annual shortcutz Awards ceremony. Shortcutz is an initiative that aims to promote new Dutch filmtalent. During the award show, the most inspiring film personalities are invited to give a talk to inspire the new generation of filmmakers.


The theme of the award show was 'Global Village'. Meaning: an intimite and accessible community with well respected names involved and a network spread across the globe.

I created a piece of shadow art in which famous creations from all over the world encapsulate to form a shadow of the number 6. Because in the 6th Shortcutz awards, ideas from all over the world come together.

How many silhouettes of famous marks do you recognise?

During the ceremony

The ceremony was held at the Eye Amsterdam Film Museum.

Each award category is introduced with an ident that shows the films nominated projected on the letterforms.


Wall-Vertical-2 poster.jpg